Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Fear We Are Losing

Why is it that I often write about such subjects as Darwinism, liberalism, and the ACLU? It is because American society is engaged in a war between those who believe that there is no such thing as right and wrong – and those who hold more traditional views. Those who believe there is no such thing as right and wrong (whom Bill O’Reilly calls Secular-Progressives or SP’s) believe that the only thing that matters is what feels good, and that their behavior is nobody else’s business.

Although many people do not make the connection, this attitude and the behavior it promotes can be traced to Darwinian theory that we are all just accidental products of random happenings – in a straight line down to the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engels and Lenin – down to the communist and Nazi writings and exploits of Stalin, Mao and Hitler – and down to the ACLU and to modern liberalism.

This is not to say that liberals are always bad or wrong or that conservatives are always good and correct, but the obvious disintegration of American society that we see before our eyes (from a traditional standpoint) is going to continue its downward spiral unless those of us who care about such matters (mostly older people) make the connections and fight harder to reverse this trend. The freedom, the security and the prosperity of our grandchildren ultimately depend on having and enforcing standards.

We know enough of our own history that life was often brutal on the American frontier and in the factories and mill towns of an earlier America, and that lawlessness and reckless behavior was the norm. But always, in the towns and cities of this great country the educated class gained ascendancy and put in place laws and standards of conduct based on common Christian and Jewish teachings that had stood the test of time. Many evil things happened, often by those hypocrites who went to church on Sunday and cheated and stole during the rest of the week, but there was a sense of shared values that were widely recognized and accepted. This is no longer true.

Today the educated class of America consists predominately of modern liberals, who are very much in the majority in our universities, our entertainment industry, our media, and possibly in our courtrooms, and they not only teach our young people that it is cool to despise our culture and our history, and that our country is not worth defending, but also that standards based on traditional values are stupid.

Since Darwinism was the most recent beginning of pure materialism, and the ACLU is today’s dominant enforcer of “anything goes in the name of free speech”, it is these twin evils that must be attacked again and again. Let us be clear. There is nothing wrong with teaching evolution in our schools; if anything, modern science has proven Darwin correct with respect to common ancestry and minor evolutionary change, but modern science has also proven that Darwin was wrong to contend that man developed accidentally from a long series of random mutations. That has been shown to be impossible.

There are many good-hearted people who believe that the ACLU is so important in upholding the freedoms that Americans hold dear that they will overlook it and continue their support even when the ACLU takes up a cause that is unfathomable to decent people. This must change. They must begin to stand back and look at American society and what it has become. Is it right to support the right of child molesters to abuse children? Is it right to destroy the Boy Scouts? Is it right to oppose teachers and administrators who try to stop school-children from wearing t-shirts with obscenities on them? Is it right to promote rap-music filled with obscenities and urging violence against police and women? Is it right that our movies and television programs are filled with pornography, extreme violence and the constant message to young women that shacking up with a man they just met in a bar is something all good little girls do today? What are we thinking?

The other thing conservatives must rally to do is to unite and support conservative candidates for political office. Yes, I know we are disgusted by the corruption, ineffectiveness and hypocrisy some of our conservatives have given us for our trouble, but the Leahy’s, the Kennedy’s, the Durbin’s, the Pelosi’s, the Clinton’s, the Kucinich’s and other liberal Democrats are the vanguard of the secular-progressive movement, and they must be defeated with whatever weapons we have at our disposal.

I want to remind Republicans, whose chances for success in 2008 have already been completely discounted by the mainstream press, what the picture was as recently as 2004. Below is a map of the counties in the USA. The red counties were Republican majorities, while the blue counties were Democrat majorities in 2004.

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At 7:14 AM, Blogger DNY said...

It would be helpful if one got history right. While the abuse of Darwin's scientific theories as a support for atheistic materialism should be decried by all men of good sense and good will, one cannot 'trace' from Darwin's writings "in a straight line down to the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engels and Lenin".

The Origin of Species was published in 1859, while Marx and Engles' German Ideology (their most thoroughly dialectical work) was published in 1845, and The Communist Manifesto in 1848. Of Marx's major works, only his misanalysis of economics, Das Kapital was published after Darwin's opus, and if my recollections from reading it in my youth are correct, it shows no influence from Darwinism whatsoever.

While Lenin may have absorbed something of Darwinism as part of a cultural milieu, none of his writings that I have read show any obvious influence from Darwin, and I think it unlikely that any of them do--his successor Stalin made a competing theory of evolution, the Lamarkian ideas of Lysenko, part of Soviet state ideology.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

I am pleased that you agree with my main thesis regarding Darwinism. You are correct that Engels and Marx were contemporaries of Darwin. Perhaps it was a less than perfect illustration. My understanding of Stalin's and Lysenko's ridiculous thesis of acquired traits being inheritable is that this was added to Darwin's theories.

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

unless those of us who care about such matters (mostly older people).....Why is it that it is mostly older people?

At 9:48 AM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

Almost everyone looks around and assumes that the way things are - are the way they always were and always will be. I just meant that older people are more likely to recognize the disintegration that concerns me.


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