Monday, July 30, 2007

Letters to the Journal on Iraq

As the news from Iraq improves so much that the NY Times and other liberal organizations have started publishing columns saying, ‘hey, maybe we can win this’, other Democrats, like Senator Feingold, continue their assault on the President. Presented below are two letters to the Providence Journal recently:

Letters to the Journal on Iraq

“This is a response to the guest column by Dick Polman entitled, “Democrats must go for gut against GOP”. I don’t know why certain Democrats are so determined not to “get it” regarding the Iraq War, which was entered into, not to avenge 9/11, but to prevent a much more horrendous future terrorist attack. Once it became clear that Islamists would have access to terrible weapons that could kill 100’s of thousands of people, and that they were focusing their sights on the American homeland, something had to be done to change the “culture of death” that has permeated the Muslim world for centuries and to change the perception that we wouldn’t fight.

Any American president, presented with this intelligence, would have had to change these dynamics by invading the heart of the region where terrorism, fanaticism, tyranny, ignorance and disregard for human life is endemic – with the hope of planting seeds of democracy. Trying to convince the American public that the Iraq War was an attempt by President Bush to establish some kind of dictatorship in this country is as laughable as are the “Truthers” who profess to believe that Bush or Cheney bombed the World Trade Center.

The proof of the pudding is that there have been no more such attacks even though every American certainly expected more – given the record of attacks over the last 20 years – and, even with the huge problems we face, the Iraq experiment may yet succeed. A recent letter writer pointed out that it took 100 years to unite this country. Let’s give Iraq 10 years at least.”

Russell E. Wilcox

Civil wars are part of liberation
Monday, July 30, 2007

“You often hear, especially from Democratic congressman, that the United States shouldn’t be involved in a sectarian and civil war in Iraq. They are simply ignorant about wars of liberation and U.S. history.

During the American Revolution, there was a very violent civil war occurring, especially in the South, between the rebels fighting for the revolution and the Tories who wanted to remain loyal to the British. These were very similar to the inhumane and violent clashes that we see in Iraq today between the Sunni and Shi’ites.

Had the French decided not to enter the war because of the civil war in the United States, then we would not have defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown. So fellow Americans, get with it and stop letting partisan politics rule this country. Do what we have to do to keep this country free from another 9/11 attack. Remember, we were not in Afghanistan or Iraq when that happened.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and a good portion of the Mideast were being overrun by these fanatic Muslims during this era. Much has been gained since then. Please don’t throw it all away because Bush won the election.

PS: It took America almost 100 years to become truly united. That didn’t happen until after the Civil War. During the War of 1812, New England was supplying the British Blockade and nearly seceded from the Union.”


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At 7:39 AM, Blogger Ronbo said...

Hey Russ -- 2007 is shaping up to be "1864 Redux" -- If you'll recall from your American History 101, the Copperhead Democrats were looking pretty strong because of their anti-war stand and it seemed a good bet that they'd throw out Lincoln and the Republicans in the general election of November, 1864 and sign a peace treaty with the Rebels.

But that didn't happen. Lincoln found his General -- U.S. Grant who in early 1864 launched offensives in both Virginia and Georgia designed to crush the rebellion. The key victory in the summer of 1864 was the capture of Atlanta by Sherman.

These victories by Sherman and Grant hard won by the Grand Army of the Republic were the turning point in the Civil War...Lincoln and Republicans won reelection and war was concluded in a Union victory in 1865....

I think Bush has found his General...I think another Grand Army of Republic has changed the course of history....I think that the Islamofascists of Iraq will be defeated. I think the GOP will be reelected in 2008.

Cheers, Ronbo

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you're right Ronbo. I don't want to see any one of those yellow Democratic cowards running this country. It's plain to see that none of them have the stomach to fight for their own freedoms.


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