Monday, June 04, 2007

The Dishonesty of the Left, Part II

The Muslim religion urges violent conversions, which some of its followers dutifully try to carry out, and when even, so-called, peaceful Muslims gain political power, they try to impose Sharia on everyone.

Whenever someone points out the record of terror that Muslims are carrying out on a daily basis around the world, killing many thousands, one of the most stupid comments that is often made by liberals is that, “the Christian religion is just as bad”. If I ever had any respect for the viewpoint of a particular liberal, this kind of moral relevancy, equating the violence done by Christian fanatics several hundred years ago to the butchery of today’s Muslim fanatics, loses that respect immediately. If they do not try to equate historic periods like the Spanish Inquisition (during which about 3000 people were killed – about the same as on one day, 9/11) to today’s barbarism, they either go on to say, “we deserve it for colonialism”, or they really go off the deep end and try to equate President Bush’s attempts to protect America from this terrorism with the acts of the Muslim terrorists (President Bush is, of course, an avowed Christian).

When you throw in the anti-Semitism of some on the left, you get anti-Israel diatribes and expressions of support for the suicide bombers and missile launchers who are raining death daily down on innocent Israeli civilians. They (these liberals) don’t ever seem to get it. Israel has been a sovereign nation for 60 years; it has withstood four wars by Arab nations and countless acts of terrorism by Palestinians (who are detested by the other Arabs and kept in miserable camps for their own ends); Israel is never going to commit national suicide by giving up more of the land they gained while beating off the attempts to drive them into the sea; and they surely are not going to welcome these murderous Palestinian thugs into Israel proper.

So there you have it. The left supports a group of people who think nothing of mutilating and stoning women to death, who throw homosexuals off cliffs, who cut off heads, who punish petty thievery by cutting off hands and who think nothing of setting off bombs deliberately to kill children. Since many on the left are atheists, they justify this immoral stance by saying, “the Christians are the greater danger”. They justify going against all of the human rights’ tenets that liberalism is supposed to represent, and why? Because they hate Bush so much; because he won an election they expected to win; because he espouses Christian values and turns the other cheek when confronted with vitriol and death threats; because he took positive steps to defend America and used our military to defend and advance our interests instead of using the military to advance questionable social goals.

Perhaps during my lifetime, the term, political correctness, will change its meaning from “the only view on this that we liberals will tolerate” to “I used to be a liberal”.

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At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that the "political correctness" crowd have the same level of forceful expectation to follow their way that the fanatic muslims have who are out to destroy our nation and what we truly believe in.

They just don't seem to see that if we ever "lose" the war on Terror, that the vast majority of those liberals would be destroyed for their "sinful lifestyles".


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