Monday, June 18, 2007


As reasonable people wait to hear what amendments are offered to resurrect the amnesty-immigration bill, there is a report that the Democrat House of Representatives has just voted to enact such severe restrictions on further completion of the previously authorized 700 mile fence as to bring it to a screeching halt. These restrictions impose new environmental safeguards, the need for local consultation and other roadblocks clearly intended to stop any further fence building – no matter what new funding or new authorizations are passed.

This is such deceit and such a clear slap in the face to those wanting something positive done to stop illegal immigration that it almost takes your breath away. That’s not all. Initial reports are that no-one, from President Bush to Secretary of Homeland Security Chertoff objected to these incredible changes. Whether they were informed of the vote taken today is unknown at this time

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At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we always knew where the Democrats were coming from, didn't we? I sincerely hope that this loses them the election in 08 and provides a clear path for Fred Thompson. This is really the height of stupidity, and I thought that Dennis Kusinich had them all beat today as he stood up and tried to interpret what Mahmoud Armadinejad meant by wanting to obliterate Israel from the map. Talk about stupid! If his brains were made of gunpowder, he wouldn't have enough to blow his nose. Will the American People ever smarten up and see these fools for what they really are? Fools???


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