Thursday, May 10, 2007

Democrats As Condo Cranks

As a patriot and as a defender of the values of the civilized world, I want the oil fields and the oil routes of the Persian Gulf kept secure, and I want the Islamofascists defeated. I would like it to be different, but I almost don’t care how long it takes or how much it costs. I know that if the Islamic terrorists win, they will take over the oil and have the rest of the world by the throat. I know that if the Islamists win, they will rapidly gain access to nuclear weapons, and that the same people who cut peoples’ heads off, throw homosexuals off cliffs and train little children to become suicide bombers will not hesitate to use these weapons.

I also know that America has the resources and the ability to defeat this menace if the country comes together. As far as it being Bush’s war, any American president, facing the aftermath of 9/11 and the intelligence estimates he was given would have had to do what this President did (one aspect of Tenet’s sorry book is that the CIA did give a “slam dunk” appraisal of WMD and the likelihood of Saddam’s almost completed nuclear capability). Things have not gone as we had hoped in Iraq. Grow up.

When I read that some polls indicate that 35% of Democrats think President Bush knew about 9/11 ahead of time, and that Bush Derangement Syndrome has reached the point that 40% of Democrats want him impeached, I have to believe that stupidity and ignorance have taken over in this country – that constant battering by the Democrat leadership and reinforced over and over by the mainstream press has had the same effect that Joseph Goebbels achieved in Nazi Germany.

I manage the condominium complex where I live. I have learned that there are a very few people who try to help out, and that there are always some people who whine and complain about everything that the rest of us try to do to preserve and protect our homes. These people are cranks – they don’t want any responsibility, and they don’t want any work; they are just jealous of people who step up, and it makes them feel better about themselves to pick apart what others try to do. The Democrats are like these condo cranks. President Bush has stepped up and protected us here at home for over 5 ½ years, and he may have saved Western Civilization.

We may need to make further changes about how our troops are deployed in Iraq and in the rest of the Middle East, but they should stay until the job is done.

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At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! The mainstream press and media in this country, do not want us to win in Iraq. I'm hearing that things are getting better there. I don't really know, but you'll never hear about the good things that are happening because the "drive-by media" in this country, hates President Bush and they want everyone to vote Democrat. I'd sooner stab myself with a dull spoon, than vote for a Liberal Democrat. As far as I'm concerned these Democrats are nothing but a pack of yellow cowards, with no stomach for fighting to protect our great country! They're looking for an easy way out, but there is no easy way out. I don't stand with these people, because I don't trust any of them, or their flawed judgments and decisions. All one has to do is look back to the Johnson and Carter years. They were terrible leaders back then, and these political hacks aren't any different.


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