Friday, April 13, 2007

Islam Part III - Ban the Muslim Religion Say Some

There are serious efforts being made by serious people to introduce a Constitutional amendment that would ban the Muslim religion since it is a political movement, and not simply a religion, and since it seeks to destroy all opposition and impose Sharia on the western world. There is ample precedent for such an approach in that we have had the Smith Act that was aimed at combating the Communist Party in the United States. The Smith Act (1940) provided for the registration and fingerprinting of aliens living in the United States and declared it unlawful to advocate, teach, or belong to any group advocating the forceful overthrow of any government in the United States. The Smith Act was declared constitutional as long as it was applied to persons who committed an overt act towards the overthrow of our form of government.

A more moderate, but possibly more acceptable, but yet effective approach to the problem we face has been proposed by Lawrence Auster in his blog, “View From The Right”:

1. Declare that Islam is not just a religion but a political movement aimed at gaining power, and therefore the individual beliefs of individual Muslims matter less than the overall presence of Islam among us which strengthens the Islamic political agenda. Therefore (1) Islam is not a religion receiving protections under the First Amendment, and (2) Islam is not welcome in this country. Also declare that America renounces multiculturalism, the idea that all cultures are equal, and that it intends to go on existing as a distinct country with a distinct culture and way of life and will in the future adopt laws consistent with that purpose.

This declaration is the basis of everything that follows.

2. Cease all further immigration of Muslims, from whatever country, with only special individual exceptions for close relatives, etc.

3. Make resident aliens leave. This could start with singling out resident aliens with jihad associations, but then if deemed necessary be upped to include all Muslims resident aliens.

4. Make all Muslim illegal aliens leave.

5. Examine the beliefs, associations, statements, and actions of all naturalized Muslim citizens. Those who are jihad supporters will lose their citizenship and be made to go back to their country of origin.

6. Leave open as an option doing the same with natural born American citizens who are children of Muslim immigrants, as I discussed in my 2004 article at FP, “How to Defeat Jihad in America.”

7. Outlaw all mosques and Muslim schools and Muslim organizations that preach jihad and sharia or that disseminate literature advancing jihad and sharia.

8. Urge other non-Islamic countries to do the same, with the aim of initiating a vast worldwide Rollback of the Muslim “diaspora” back into the Muslim lands.

The fact that there is a serious discussion of this approach, and not just by the ‘crazies’ who also inhabit the internet, should be noted and acted upon by C.A.I.R and other Muslim organizations who deny Muslim terrorism and shield American imams preaching hatred and Sharia in the United States. If there is another horrendous incident of Muslim terrorism in our country like 9/11 (and who out there doesn’t believe that that is going to happen), we will certainly pass laws of this nature and carry them out with ferocity.

After all, this is what we face. American and European liberals don’t want you to see the following presentation, as they continue to downplay and ridicule the dangers we face. Please click

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At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of deporting the trouble makers who are spewing out this hatred for America, right now. If they can't live here in peace with us, they should be thrown out of this country.

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 55 years of age, I still remember seeing the following words or something similar, on certain Applications:
"Are you now, or have you ever been a member of comunist party.....?".

I agree, I think it's time to somehow put something into law that would compell folks to declare themselves in one way or another and begin to root out the infectious folks among us.

Ironic that the CDC (Center for Disease Control), has the authority to keep you from entering the country (or bringing in certain vegitation or animals that could bring serious disease with them), if you have a disease that is infectious.

Yet you are allowed in if your IDEAS are infectious to our safety.

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have long been advocate of what you propose -- the outlawing of Islam in the USA -- and the imprisonment, deportation, or execution of Muslims thought to be dangerous to Homeland Security.

At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abrahamic religion is an engine for resource management on an epic scale. They should all be abolished. While mankind, by nature will always find a way to destroy and deface the beauty and sanctity of life, one less engine with which to carry this out would not only be welcome, but necessary to further ourselves as a species.


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