Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hooray For Don Imus and His Bum Rapp

Something good may yet come of the years of vulgarities by Don Imus and his subsequent firing. Discussions of his firing and the right and the wrong of it have developed into a more general discussion of the damage to society (especially to children) of the obscenities and vulgarities many rapp singers commonly employ. Hopefully these discussions will lead to self-censorship by the industry, and then lead to some consideration of the damage that gratuitous violence and the glorification of casual sex does to young viewers of the cesspools our TV and movie industries routinely parade before America’s children. (Excerpt) 4/24/07
Hip hop's Simmons: Restrict offensive words

Story Highlights

• Def Jam co-founder wants certain words cut from music biz
• Russell Simmons terms such words "extreme curse words"
• Language has become flashpoint since Don Imus controversy

NEW YORK, New York (AP) –“ Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons said Monday that the recording and broadcast industries should consistently ban racial and sexist epithets from all so-called clean versions of rap songs and the airwaves.

Currently such epithets are prohibited in most clean versions, but record companies sometimes "arbitrarily" decide which offensive words to exclude and there's no uniform standard for deleting such words, Simmons said.

The recommendations drew mixed reaction and come two weeks after some began carping anew about rap lyrics after radio personality Don Imus was fired by CBS Radio and NBC for referring to the players on the Rutgers university women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos."

Expressing concern about the "growing public outrage" over the use of such words in rap lyrics, Simmons said the words "bitch," "ho" and "nigger" should be considered "extreme curse words."

"We recommend (they're) always out," Simmons, the pioneering entrepreneur who made millions of dollars as he helped shape hip-hop culture, said in an interview Monday. "This is a first step. It's a clear message and a consistency that we want the industry to accept for more corporate social responsibility."”


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At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a public school teacher I often hear the "N" word in the classroom and it's usually said by African American students.

I ask them not to use the word out of respect for others and my zero tolerance policy of any racial slurs including other nationalities.

Anyway, I occasionally get some insistent students who claim the word used by them is "", whil the other traditional version is "". I might have reversed this but the point is they play games with that.

I have found a website,
which I then direct such kids to look at. It is a museum collection of postcards from years ago in the USA. They are pictures of LYNCHINGS and men hung on trees in town squares as hundreds looked on.

I ask those kids, "what do you think were the last words those black men heard chanted by whites before they met their Maker?" These kids know yet they ignore my logic.

Hopefully they will see the "Light" some day.

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think that Don Imus should have been fired for what he said. Sure, it was a very bad and despicable thing to say about anyones daughters. A two week suspension would have been in order. The guy went to these girls and begged their forgiveness, and they accepted his apology, but that wasn't good enough for the Reverend Al Sharpton. So much for Christian forgiveness. How is he looking? Al doesn't seem to mind that these rappers are using similar language in their so-called songs. Now,-- Rosie O'Donnell has just announced that she is quitting "The View". Frankly, I'm sorry to hear this, and not because I watch this dumb program, but because every time Rosie opens her big mouth, she displays what the far Left Wing Secular Progressive pinheads are really like. Most of my friends think that Rosie is a big fat, ugly, stinking, L.......,--but I don't think that Rosie stinks.


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