Sunday, March 04, 2007

Patrick Moore believes in nuclear power -- to the disbelief of former Greenpeace colleagues

Possibly one of the most irritating aspects of the man-made global warming argument is that both sides should be able to agree on and support the only policy that would stop greenhouse gases and reduce dependence on foreign oil in one fell swoop – the rapid expansion of nuclear-electric plants. Nuclear power has proven to be the safest, cheapest and cleanest source of power available and provides 75% of France’s power today. Now a former influential opponent has seen the light:

Producers Fuel Fight
Patrick Moore believes in nuclear power -- to the disbelief of former Greenpeace colleagues
February 12, 2007; Page R11

“In 1971, Patrick Moore set sail with 11 other men in a leaky old halibut trawler from Vancouver, British Columbia, to protest against U.S. underground nuclear-weapons testing off the west coast of Alaska -- creating what would become the environmental activist group Greenpeace. He eventually became the director of Greenpeace International, and a leading voice against nuclear power.

That was then. Today, Dr. Moore sits squarely in the other camp, a leading voice in support of nuclear power. His position: Nuclear power is a non-greenhouse-gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and help satisfy a growing global demand for energy.

"During my nearly 40 years as an environmentalist and student of sustainability I have only changed my position on one major issue: nuclear energy," Dr. Moore says.

His change of heart, however, has infuriated many of his former colleagues -- and is symbolic of the wider debate raging between supporters of nuclear power and its critics. The late Robert Hunter, another founding member of Greenpeace, once referred to Dr. Moore as an "eco-Judas." Another fellow Greenpeace founder, Paul Watson, was even less restrained, calling him an "eco-whore" for switching to work for the nuclear industry….”

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