Friday, February 09, 2007

US Government Lied About Border Patrol Agents

A liberal reader rightly points out that Johnny Sutton, the federal prosecutor of the Border Control Agents, has close ties to the Bush Administration. That doesn’t mean that overall Bush supporters, like me, are going to agree with everything done in its name. On illegal immigration, education reform, McCain-Feingold, and the Terry Schiavo case, to name a few examples, many conservatives, like myself, have serious disagreements with Bush; and we are not going to play ‘nice’ and go away on this issue.

We are not willing to sacrifice our sovereignty for the possible future votes of Mexican-Americans, nor for ‘friendly’ relations with Mexico. “Good fences make good neighbors” is what we believe.

US Government Lied About Border Patrol Agents
By Sher Zieve
Feb 7, 2007

In order to gain a conviction against US Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, the US Department of Homeland Security has admitted it lied to Congress. DHS Inspector General Richard L. Skinner, testifying before the Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, admitted Tuesday that the charges he and his agency brought against the USBP agents were false and that DHS’ agents had fabricated the evidence used to convict Compean and Ramos. The two USBP agents were convicted of firing upon and hitting admitted drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete, while he was in the process of smuggling 743 pounds of marijuana across the border. Aldrete was given immunity from prosecution for testifying against the USBP agents. Skinner is reported to have said that his DHS agents had “misinformed” (AKA “lied to”) Congress. Note: DHS’ actions represent a complete obstruction of justice, the Border Patrol agents’ convictions should be immediately overturned and the DHS agents who supplied the bogus testimony should be prosecuted with the full force of the law.

Of interest is that the same prosecutor who gained the convictions of Compean and Ramos, US Attorney Johnny Sutton with a prosecution based upon bogus testimony, tried and gained a conviction for another US law enforcement officer who fired on illegal aliens. This time, it is Del Rio, TX Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez. In 2005, Deputy Hernandez fired on a van (smuggling illegal aliens across the US-Mexico border) that was trying to hit him. One of the illegals (ALL of these illegals have been given “amnesty”) even testified that the van’s driver attempted to run down Deputy Hernandez. Undeterred by the fact that Hernandez was attempting to save his own life, Sutton proceeded with the trial. Illegals are now more important to the US government than its own citizens. Note: US citizens, including law enforcement officers, are no longer allowed to protect themselves against illegals.

To say that the US-Mexico border situation has gotten out of hand is a severe understatement. It is a war zone and the US government is siding with the enemy. Property has been taken from US citizens living along the border area who attempted to protect themselves from the illegal hordes. Drug smugglers and non-drug smuggling illegals, alike, are given amnesty for testifying against US citizens. The Mexican government is now firmly in control of the US Border Patrol. And the US government is supporting it.

When a government turns against its own citizens, sides with the enemy of said country’s sovereignty and manufactures false ‘evidence’ against its citizens can that government be charged with treasonous acts? And now, Agent Ramos has been severely beaten, while incarcerated, by a group of illegal aliens! It is past time to release these Border Patrol Agents and to prosecute the real criminals—tragically, members of our own government. Sher Zieve


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At 8:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole situation is just so pathetic. And yet, even though our own President, Congress and many surrounding agencies are in on this, many will still refuse to see the obvious. WE ARE BEING SOLD DOWN THE RIVER! OUR LEADERS ARE UTTERLY UNFIT AND INCOMPETENT! This is what has happened because many citizens CHOSE to be couch potatoes and not vote. SO, now we have a bunch of traitors, socialists, and communists leading our country. Are the people of the United States going to rise to the occasion and kick all the sorry and selfish brats out of office, or are citizens just going to continue to do NOTHING. If we do NOTHING, we all be in the GUTTER real soon!


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