Monday, May 01, 2006

The Republicans Cover Themselves With Glory?

The Republicans are not exactly covering themselves with glory these days, as fears about the 2006 election overcome their usual good sense, and ridiculous cries to impose price controls, investigate the oil companies and hand out checks for $100 are heard from Congress and even from President Bush.

Listen guys, the Democrats can spew their nonsense because their constituency consists of know-nothings, conspiracy theorists, teachers’ unions, dreamy idealists, lawyers for litigation and America-haters; but Republicans have to be more careful. Your constituency is knowledgeable and well-aware of the reasons for the high and rising price of gasoline: the Democrats have prevented exploring for more oil, they have prevented the construction of the new, fail-safe PBR nuclear plants that can’t melt-down and do produce free hydrogen, and they have prevented the construction of any new refineries.

As we have seen the world’s oil production and new discoveries peak just as China and India join the scramble for existing supplies, demand starts to exceed supply, and prices go up as they always do. As we flail and bluster, the Islamic terrorists laugh louder and louder as they watch us beg to give them more money to finance their terror campaign against us. When are we going to wake up and take some serious steps to reduce our consumption of oil without crippling our economy? When is the Republican majority in both houses of Congress going to join with the few Democrats willing to put their country first (like Senator Lieberman), and enact the President’s program to develop more domestic oil, switch over temporarily to biofuels, and start building hundreds of small PBR (pebble bed reactor) nuclear plants?

Whether one believes in man-made global warming or not, the really ironic aspect of this whole mess is that President Bush’s energy program would reduce emissions faster than any other set of actions could accomplish. The Democrats and wishy-washy Republican moderates are shooting themselves in the foot by withholding their support for the one program that would solve our energy problems and improve the environment.

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